Tactile Thinking

For a number of years I have been interested in the idea of students developing tactile thinking skills to explore relationships and narratives, both individually and as a group. I have previously used the idea of StoryCubes in the Primary School Classroom and more recently Virtual StoryCubes in Second Life with students from London South Bank University as part of the MOOSE project.

Now a new tool could be on the market soon that will combine these ideas with more advanced applications in Web2.0 and Cloud Computing – known as Siftables:

Here are some ideas of how you might use tactile thinking with your students:

  • as a brainstorming tool to help people share and discuss ideas;
  • as an evaluation tool;
  • to help students collaborate on group work, enhance negotiation and debating skills and develop tactile and spatial construction skills;
  • in community projects for intergenerational work – helping people see each others’ perspectives on shared issues;
  • for storyboarding: to help organise storylines for writing, animations or films.

Now imagine the future and opportunities with Siftables!



Matthew Wheeler

Keeper of the Media Zoo

Cubes being developed @ LSBU

Virtual StoryCubes @ LSBU

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