Old dog learning new tricks

This old dog is a day late and hasn’t followed the rules. All the same, this blog is a great opportunity to see what other younger dogs are thinking about and what tricks they’re getting up to.

My own thoughts have been wandering round the issue of whether and how e-learning will be sustained in our global society of the year 2050 (or, if you like, 2100). It seems to me that the shortages of energy, water and fertile land may by that time render e-learning either absolutely essential or somewhat fragmentary or both. Being a prophet is a job for a madman or a fool, so I don’t want to be either. Instead, I feel some affinity with James Lovelock, who combines hope with pessimism.

E-learning is the only solution on the horizon that would enable higher education to continue when campuses have been abandoned. Its excellence needs to increase: being robbed of face-to-face human contact is a high price for teachers and learners to
have to pay. Can virtual systems improve sufficiently? I hope to learn new tricks as they do.

Like John Fothergill, I’d like to add a joke at the end, but that will have to wait until next time.


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