Beyond Distance we have a message for you. Over.

Look at Street view in Google.

On the regular and familiar computer screen a view of the Earth will appear seen from space. The screen zooms in and in and in, at Disney World speed , covering countries, oceans and cities until your chosen street appears. And you are part of it- no longer just a birds eye view. Dynamic.

It’s been achieved over the past year by vehicles with roof mounted cameras throughout the cities of Britain. Find your home, or office- you can’t help but be amazed.

Fabulous fun or sinister exploitation- to date the blogosphere can’t decide!

Is there value for learning in there? You bet there is. All information, especially highly accessible, authentic and attractive can be brought into the service of learning. In a situation of pressure on finances in universities we can-must-should deploy these amazing free resources. Earth-tivities for all?

Gilly Salmon

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