Where are we so far? A summary

After over a month of intense collective blogging and critical friending, I thought it useful to capture some ‘highlights’, in the order in which they were contributed. The topics are varied. The tag cloud only gives a partial view of the richness of this blog.

The purpose here is to offer, on a single page, an overview of some of the key ideas that colleagues have contributed so far, in a way that the tag cloud does not capture. Maybe another contributor can select some of these highlights and weave them into a meaningful post? Or perhaps categorise them (with significant areas of overlap, I’m sure) in a way that -again- the tag cloud cannot do?

Learning 2.0, gradeguru.com, Turnitin… but academics are unconvinced (Gilly)

Graduating from the Learning Futures Academy (M Mobbs)

Change through research – the Animal Kingdom (Ale)

Mushrooming of e-book readers (Pal)

Tactile thinking & tips to use stiftables in SL (M Wheeler)

Changing teaching through trial and error with learning technologies (Jai)

‘The future’ according to the London Tech Summit 2009 (Sandra)

Sustainability of education: will e-learning be essential? (David)

Learning, teaching, the environment and space (Sahm)

Podcasting is normalised… but hot still (Ming)

Remote applications for editing graphics and photos (Sandra)

Cloud computing and access to resources after graduation (M Mobbs)

The value of good teaching – are we too obsessed with learning (and political correctness?) (Ale)

Domesticating iPods – what do our learners use to listen to their course audio files? (Pal)

Free content, open educational resources and hidden agendas (Sandra)

Saving penalties, training goalkeepers: let’s use video footage on our iPods (Jai)

Infectious disease: using iPhones can seriously change your behaviours (M Wheeler)

Teamwork, communication, roles and collaboration post our National Space Centre visit (Sahm)

Being naked in Second Life (Ming)

Centralising BDRA resources (David)

Success factors of Web 2.0 (Roger)

The significance of rocks: past, present and future (Gilly)

Cool, useful web-based resources (Sandra)

BDRA’s knowledge store: the way forward (David)

Using an iPhone and being a puppet master (or being a puppet oneself?) (Jai)

Disruptive technologies, unexpected changes… and even benefits (M Wheeler)

Wiki-ing a podcast: can we really annotate an audio file in a usable format? (Pal)

Teaching memories with old and stable technologies + impact on today’s practices and on the self (Roger)

Detox yourself – give up technology for a bit! (Sahm)

Text’n’talk: what what works and what not in Second Life (Ming)

The Media Zoo today and in the future (M Wheeler)

Street view on Google – Earth-tivities are next! (Gilly)

In sum, a wide variety of contributions, reflecting the interests and thoughts of each member of our team, as well as some collective understanding around key concepts. Let this journey continue!

Alejandro Armellini
22 March 2009

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  1. bdra

     /  March 23, 2009

    A nice summary, Ale, for which many thanks. And showing a good spread of interests and talents within the team.

    Rising to the challenge of complementing the tag cloud as a way of presenting key words in the titles of the various blog entries, there is now a Beyond Distance Wordle out there in cyberspace at: http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/681168/Beyond_Distance .

    Roger Dence, 24th March 2009

  2. David

     /  March 24, 2009

    Thanks for the summary, Ale. It made me go back to read again a few early entries. I’ve certainly been learning from my colleagues.

    I do notice that many of us are engaging with new hardware and software. That’s not surprising since announcements appear daily. Engaging with their application to learning is where we are heading on this journey, aren’t we? For me, that seems to be the hardest part. The latest geewhizzery may or may not help people to learn, despite the sales talk. Are we being sceptical in our stance towards it? As researchers probably we should be!


  3. jobadge

     /  March 25, 2009

    a search box, calendar/archive list of posts or other way to categorise your blog posts would be good. I wanted to read gilly’s post on grade guru and had to use google to find it 🙂

  4. bdra

     /  March 25, 2009

    Hi Jo,

    As you can appreciate we are still experimenting with the functionality of the WordPress system… So we have taken our valued readers comments on board and added the additional functionality you requested!

    Read/Search on! 🙂


  5. I have to agree with Jo (or she might hurt me 🙂 ) – better navigation such as, search, archives, etc, would be good. Let’s use them widgets – they are free, after all!


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