A romp of otters

‘A pew of church mice’, ‘a conflagration of fireflies’ and ‘an exaltation of larks’ are just three examples of the rather unusual collective nouns that the English language has to offer us (Lipton, 1977). Beyond Distance already boasts a colony of (Adelie) penguins, a pack or route of wolves, a gang of elk, a badling or a team of ducklings and various other collections of friendly animals in the Media Zoos. We were unlucky not to get a flight of swallows and a bask of crocodiles!

The latest addition to the Beyond Distance family has been a romp of otters. The one-year JISC-HE Academy-funded OTTER project (Open, Transferable and Technology-enabled Educational Resources) has just started. OTTER is one of the 7 funded projects under the institutional strand. It will deliver processes for the effective deployment of open educational resources (OERs) at Leicester and will provide exemplars from 9 areas equivalent, in total, to 360 credits.

In addition to colleagues from all participating departments and units, our romp of otters includes information science, copyright and IPR experts, learning technologists, learning designers, researchers and experienced project managers.

We’re embarking on a new and exciting project. Our otters will encounter many challenges, which might include shivers of sharks, shoals of piranha and even blasts of heartless hunters. But our brood of researchers (including a ‘lapsus’ of linguists) will deliver a handsome set of OERs for the benefit of the largest collection of users.

Alejandro Armellini
April 2009

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