Knowledge sharing

Some time ago David Hawkridge wisely suggested a centrally held, easily accessible resource for BDRA, containing a well-indexed set of academic references that colleagues can use in their writing. Today we have a growing RefWorks database covering many of the areas that are central to our research.

As has been reported in this blog before, the Friday morning Writing Group provides a forum for BDRA colleagues to run their drafts past their peers in a safe, informal and constructively critical environment. Last week, however, we altered the usual Writing Group session and conducted a structured three-hour knowledge-sharing seminar instead. Its aim was to to share the key lessons that individuals or groups of colleagues have learnt from recent conferences and other activities, enabling the rest of the team to benefit from them. It was a very good opportunity to revisit and debate the main ideas and concepts.

Topics included:

  • BDRA’s collaboration with the RAF
  • ‘Shock of the Old’ conference, Oxford
  • Occupational Psychology Course Conference at Leicester (DUCKLING project)
  • JISC Curriculum Delivery meeting, Birmingham (DUCKLING project)
  • Considerations from 2 timely reports: ‘The sustainability of learning and teaching in English higher education’ and ‘Thematic enquiries into concerns about academic quality and standards in higher education in England’.
  • Work-based curriculum delivery and assessment
  • CABLE (from the HE Academy CABLE-Carpe Diem event held on 5 May)
  • A range of salient issues from many other recent national and international conferences

The session, which was attended by all BDRA staff, was very informative, interactive and enjoyable. We are now considering ways to maximise the impact of our lessons learned on the team, beyond the occasional F2F knowledge-sharing sessions that we will continue to organise. Not surprisingly, we are discussing ways in which technology can help.

Alejandro Armellini
17 May 2009

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