An interview about using 3D digital images for teaching Archaeology

I was recently contacted by Dr Wendelin Romer. Wendelin is the project leader of the JISC Distributed E-Learning Programme (Phase II), Use of Images Exemplar Project. She wanted to interview me on the MOOSE project as part of a case study. MOOSE  utilises Second Life (SL) for teaching the concept of the use of space and landscape in Archaeology.  

This case study is expected to be used as a web-based exemplar on the use of digital images in teaching and learning for the Higher Education Academy History, Classics and Archaeology Subject Centre. It is thought that the MOOSE project has some interesting findings and others will be very happy to learn about our innovative learning and teaching approach using 3D digital images.

We had the interview yesterday for about half an hour. Wendelin’s questions to me focused on the following areas:

  • Outline of the MOOSE project -who is it funded, who’s involved, which module does it sit within
  • Technical requirements and developments, role of the learning technologist
  • Rationale of using SL for teaching Archaeology – what SL offers,  how it was taught before
  • Student activities in SL
  • Benefits to students and lecturers
  • Student feedback with regard to their learning experiences
  • Challenges in using this approach
  • Suggestions for others teaching Archaeology by using a similar approach

I’m glad that I was invited to contribute to this case study as recognition of our innovative work in the MOOSE project. It’s another way to disseminate our research into practice.  Also I think JISC is doing a good work in terms of funding such a cross-programme project that will bring results and outcomes from different projects focusing on a particular theme together.

Ming Nie              26 June 2009

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