The journey from course materials to OERs


We’re only a few weeks into the OTTER project but we’ve already learned a lot. The journey from existing ‘teaching material’ or ‘handout’ to reusable, repurposable OER is exciting and full of challenges, as many others have found. We’re making modest but steady progress in our seach for viable models to generate, clear, validate, release and track OERs in 9 disciplines at Leicester.

One of the approaches we’ve taken to conceptualise this journey is to move from ‘educational material’ (i.e. what we receive from tutors) to ‘resources usable in the public domain’ to ‘open educational resources’ (resulting in ‘OERs’, of course!). Below this layer, we have identified 7 key stages and have initially found criteria associated with each of them. The diagram below shows those criteria. As we move from left to right in the diagram, the ‘OER-candidates’ need to meet different criteria at each stage. The layer at the very bottom (not shown in the diagram) will contain the evidence based on which it will be possible to establish whether each criterion has been met.

This is of course an initial attempt at understanding the journey and comments are most welcome. We will test and adapt the framework as the first OERs ‘travel’ through it and will present it in a more usable format in the coming months.

Alejandro Armellini
3 July 2009


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