Is it really me?

Good morning. Well of course it may be evening for you. This is David speaking –writing or typing. Or is it? Somebody or something is typing, that’s certain. For a blog, in blog genre, for reading only on or after July 5.

Or is this going to be a Tweet? This morning I read the following, courtesy of Zen’s monthly newsletter:


Getting too busy to Tweet? There is a workaround. Spend an hour planning your Tweets in advance and your followers will never know the difference. There are a number of sites to help – dedicated to setting up pre-scheduled Tweets – and FutureTweets is one of the best. It offers a totally free scheduling service, complete with the ability to pre-schedule automated messages to Twitter, set up recurring Tweets, and more.

So maybe you’re reading this after it’s been through some FutureBlog. Using the settings in WordPress, I can ensure that you get this, even if it turns out to be posthumous! Ah-ha, so you thought I was still alive. I assure you I am, though I may be in Timbuktu or Antofagasta for all you know.

However, I could be arranging to carry on indefinitely and would you know the difference? Zen’s newsletter also tells me the following:


Are you growing weary of keeping up appearances at all the social media sites you’ve signed up for? It can be exhausting as well as time-consuming. Once you have a presence to maintain across a spectrum of social media locations, the idea of updating your status regularly at multiple locations can be overwhelming. is a tool that can update information for you across dozens of sites. The service covers the top 40 resources, including Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Linkedin.

If I were to sign up for this service, combining it with FutureTweets and WordPress’s futureblogs, you could have the benefit of my thoughts far into the future, through all the channels. For my part, all I would need then is an automated thinker, programmed by Madelaine (very human, not a computer). Maybe I should randomise the content, to prevent reader boredom setting in. I could sit back and let it roll. The possibilities for e-learning are enormous.

Have I fooled you this time? Do you still think it’s me? Good night.

David (so he says)

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