Kindle DX and the Sony PRS-700: when?

The Technology supplement of The Guardian, which actually is a pretty good source of information about developments in the e-book world, wrote last week about Amazon’s new  Kindle DX.

Although the piece used a picture of the original Kindle rather than the larger – and heavier – DX, I thought it was probably a balanced and fair assessment.

For those who don’t know, the Kindle offers wireless downloads of e-books and newspapers (although its representation of the latter is pretty basic, apparently). It is a device that is untethered, a crucial factor.

I’ve returned to e-books  because our new learning technologist, Terese, has been trying to establish when another e-book model, the Sony PRS-700, will be available on these shores. Despite her valiant efforts, it seems not even Sony UK can tell us (‘phone back in a few weeks…’). The PRS-700 – unlike its predecessor, the PRS-505 – allows on-screen annotation, although it doesn’t appear to have wireless functionality.

And as for the DX? Pick a date, any date … as long as it’s in the next decade.

As several of our projects are interested in e-books – DUCKLING for example will be using the hardware, while OTTER will be producing OERs in e-book format (epub) – it is important to know these dates for planning and budgetary  purposes. 

It would also be nice to play with some shiny new gadgets, of course. But, for now, we on this side of the Atlantic will have to wait a little – or possibly a lot – longer.

Simon Kear

Learning Technologist

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  1. Gemma

     /  July 10, 2009

    With the US and also Asia leading the way with ebook hardware as historically always it is not surprising. I’ve seen the first version of the Kindle and thought it looked very old fashioned – think the Commodore 64 in the 80’s. Sony has been much more prepared and organised with their Reader though this is not new as with their previous forays with the Data Discmans and Bookmans. Having played with the new shiny toys of the Sony Reader, IRex’s Iliad and the Cybook I think the most exciting part is the use of e-paper (Cybook excluded of course). But if we again look historically…the demise of the dedicated ebook hardware.


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