Developing the Second Life oil rig

rig1Further to my blog post of 22 June, Matt and I have been developing the wonderful oil rig donated to the Duckling project by Sky Maruti.

The first priority was to find a suitable spot on the Media Zoo island for the rig. We wanted it in the lagoon, but didn’t need it to overpower the other structure there, the boat house. Using the island owner’s avatar, I set about flattening the land on the peninsula, both above water and below.

rig2This opened up a sizable area of the lagoon, into which we placed the oil rig. Because it is a single (linked) artefact, I was able to place the structure precisely so that the bottom access platform just touched the water (this is where the evacuation rescue boat will dock), while the rear of the rig abutted the edge of the island.

Inside the housing areas of the rig, we are in the process of adding floors, extra stairwells, equipment, and so forth. At present, we are only doing the obvious builds. The occupational psychologists on Duckling will need to become familiar with the layout of the rig, and then sit down with us to work through the redesign.

In the meantime, though, I am searching X Street SL for artefacts to place on the rig. Some of these will need to be utilised for the altered environmental conditions that will necessitate the evacuation, so realism is important (an electrical fire needs to be caused by an electrical device such as a PC).

Once we have completed the new layout and placed the artefacts in suitable positions – and sourced a rescue boat! – the occupational psychologists can begin to finalise their SL-tivities.

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