Beyond Distance welcomes an Ottling

Today Emma Davies joined us as the DUCKLING/OTTER Learning Technologist. Working on both of these projects, as I do, she has the distinction of sharing the nickname ‘Ottling’ (or, on occasion, ‘Dotter’) with me 😉

Before joining us, Emma worked at Birmingham City University as an account manager and content developer, working within the Media Content Lab to produce print and web-based media for internal and external clients. Her work focused on developing content for a range of different websites, as well as helping to create brand identity.

Emma’s role at Beyond Distance will involve supporting course teams in the use of podcasts, Second Life and e-book readers for curriculum delivery (that’s the DUCKLING part), and assisting in the publication of Leicester’s open educational resources through JorumOpen and other open repositories (the OTTER part).

On a personal note, Emma has shared with us that she has an ambition to visit every city in the UK. She had never been to Leicester before, so that’s one she can tick off her list! We’ll be watching out for that city-hopping blog…

We are all looking forward to working with Emma and learning from her on the Ottling journey.

Gabi Witthaus

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