Thanks, and two Open University e-learning initiatives

Thank you, Jai, for telling some good lies about me in your blog on September 21. My work with BDRA is a second life for me and I am happy to be living it. However, I never repeat gossip, so listen carefully to what I’m going to tell you. That medal was not really for work with the BBC at the Open University: the inscription still mystifies me. From US motion picture engineers? Let me mention instead two interesting new OU initiatives.

Because I still have a (little-used) desk and a (much-used) email account at the OU, I do get details of seminars and workshops there, and on October 6 Simon Buckingham-Shum of the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute will be talking from 10-11.30 about SocialLearn, which Martin Bean the new VC mentioned in his talk at ALT-C and which I understand is very close to launch. Here is Simon’s blurb:

“The SocialLearn Project is a strategic university initiative, investigating the intersection of social networking, collective intelligence, adaptive platforms and web business models. We want to connect people with each other, and resources for learning (covering informalformal) and sensemaking in epistemic communities (covering amateurspros). The design rationale for the system is still very much being shaped.” Public beta signup/blog/twitter:

Martin Weller will follow from 11.45-12.30, and he will speak about Digital Scholarship:

“Digital scholarship is aimed at both recognising and encouraging the use of new technology in all aspects of scholarship, including research, dissemination, knowledge production, teaching and collaborating. The Open University is promoting digital scholarship as a means of engaging with new technology and creating a digital identity for the OU. We will explore the concept of digital scholarship, the possible barriers and enablers, and broader issues. We will also launch the digital scholarship internal (to the OU) website, which aims to provoke discussion, interaction and engagement.”

As we have a BDRA Team Day on October 6, I won’t be able to hear what these two have to say, but I hope to keep you informed.

David Hawkridge

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