Breaking out of the blog

Why do I want to break out of the blog? Simple reason:  because I can!

Well to be more detailed about the reason and to explain in more detail might be useful and might assure you that I haven’t lost it completely.  It came to me when I was sat in a meeting yesterday where we were talking about the use of technology to design and delivery curriculum. There was nothing wrong with the meeting, there were some very useful ideas that I picked up, but the use of the technology in the meeting was limited to a laptop and projector and you were invited to twitter if you had the technology.

It gave me the idea that maybe a text based blog might not always be the best way of communicating and that there are other web based applications that might be more beneficial to communicate my thoughts.  So in order to break out of the confines of the blog I’m inviting you to view the following:

What I’ve been thinking about this week – Flickr stream

My recent bookmarks – Delicious

Follow me on Twitter (yes I’ve finally taken the plunge!)

If you choose not to view any of the above that is your preference.  I just want to know whether the ideas we produce in this blog are presented in the most beneficial way to communicate the ideas or whether the ideas suffer from the constraints of the blog. Can I, and you, break out of the blog?

Emma Davies
Learning Technologist

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