Learning Futures Festival Online 2010 (Twitter #LFF10): The mid-way point

I’m writing this blog on Day 5, just over halfway through our Learning Futures Festival Online 2010. I thought it might be  a useful point to note down some initial observations.

Overall, for me, it’s been a novel and fantastic experience. With my techie colleagues Terese, Richard and Emma, the physical Media Zoo has formed a suitable base of operations, with one desk used solely for vital equipment such as chocolate, Wagon Wheels and coffee.

The days have been long and the challenges diverse, but satisfying. For example, a wobbly wireless connection on the first day saw us move quickly into hard-wired mode for presentations. We’ve also been responding to a steady stream of help requests from delegates. Most of all, though, we’ve supported each other by shouting ‘PRESS THE RECORD BUTTON!!’ at the appropriate times.

Thus far, the online conference software provided by our sponsors Elluminate Live! has performed faultlessly, and the excellent suppport of our Elluminate liaison, Sophie, has been much appreciated. All proceedings thus far have been recorded and placed on the festival website (and will be made available to the public in due course).

The festival website, provided by our sponsors All Things in Moderation, has been excellent and under the control of Emma, who has done a great job keeping it fresh and updated. And I’m looking forward to the final day, when 10 ebook vouchers will be given away by our sponsors Routledge: Taylor and Francis (3 in Second Life!).

And, most important of all, the keynotes, papers and workshops have all been of the highest quality: engaged, intelligent, current, practical … I could go on. And our delegates have been fantastically enthused.

Considering our delegates and speakers are based all over the world, I’m very much a convert to this sort of conference. (Read Gilly’s blog about the environmental benefits.)

As long as we don’t suffer the trauma of the first day, when the supply of biscuits reached dangerously low levels, the final four days of the festival should be as good as if not better than the first four.

Simon Kear

Learning Technologist

PS The conference is still open!

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