Notes from Kabul

On a more serious note today…

It has been a fascinating experience returning to Afghanistan after a gap of 3 years.  Between 2003 and 2007 I visited Afghanistan some 8 or 9 times as Director of a major institutional strengthening programme for the Ministry of Mines and Industry.  I now return to begin a new modest project working with the Geoscience Faculty of the University of Kabul, which will ‘twin’ the University of Leicester with its Kabul sister for some 3 years.

So begins Mike Petterson’s post today from Afghanistan. You can read Mike’s fascinating retrospective on his visit to this country in 2004, followed by his impressions on his current visit, in the following posts on the ELKS community blog:
Kabul retrospective
Extreme Afghanistan
The future is before my eyes
Kites, cricket, traffic and zips
The aid circus
Geography, geopolitics and geo-beauty
Farewell Kabul: British Council, Peshawar and University Twinning

Mike is collaborating with Beyond Distance on the Giraffe project, and we are also looking forward to an exchange of knowledge around his project with the University of Kabul, where he is working with young, inexperienced staff who are keen to develop new teaching materials and are open to new ideas. According to Mike: “We have to develop materials and products in the knowledge that the internet here is slow or non-existent, and at the moment some areas of the university have one primitive desktop computer for every 11 members of staff, and they don’t even have a photocopier.”

A serious tea discussion

A serious tea discussion

Students at Kabul University (published with permission)

Students at Kabul University (published with permission)

Watch this space for updates…

Gabi Witthaus
This post was updated on 18 June 2010

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