After the iPad?

A recent article on the Amazon Kindle ( ) has just been brought to my attention. Basically, it’s saying that there will soon be so many ways to read Kindle content (iPhone, iPad, Android) that there won’t be any point actually buying a Kindle reader.

Now that’s interesting, because it sets me thinking about my perception (still) of the iPad being pointless. You see, it’s about convergence. Once there was the mobile, which just made calls (when I bought my first analogue mobile phone, I asked the woman in the shop what the screen was for! – well, normal phone’s didn’t use a screen, and all this one did was display the numbers as you pushed them…).

Then mobiles started being able to send texts (I once knew someone who was part of Motorola’s development of the analogue mobile, and he assured me that text messaging was built in to the phones from the start, even the analogue ones, but not implemented until later). Then calendars and diaries appeared, then the ill-conceived WAP “mobile internet”, more recently cameras, which led to larger colour screens, and finally (for now) “proper” web browsers.

Why keep adding to the basic mobile phone? I can only suggest that it’s because it’s what people want. There’s really only room in a pocket or bag for one device, and that device must include a phone, because the phone is the most fundamental thing that people want to have with them. So what we actually need is  a technological innovation that allows the iPhone, Android, etc. to have a folding / rolling / projecting screen, full colour, instant refresh, e-paper quality.

And the iPad? Well, I would suggest that it’s nothing more than an iPhone with a bigger screen and a missing phone. So, useless then 🙂

Until I have one myself, of course. . .

Paul Rudman, BDRA

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