Podcasting – Five years on…

An ELKS Community seminar on the 14th of July 14.00 – 15.00hrs UK time

Podcasting has come a long way since the word ‘podcast’ became the Word of the Year in the New Oxford American Dictionary. Many teachers in universities, colleges and schools now use podcasts to support their students’ learning. There are many examples of students creating podcasts as part of course activity.

But what it is like for a university professor to podcast, year after year for five years? Especially if you are Pro-Vice-Chancellor and a leader of a world-class research group?

Take a bow, John Fothergill.

This professor of Engineering and former Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Leicester has been hitting the headlines in the national press since 2006 with his innovative uses of podcasting to make the learning of Engineering more effective.

Media coverage of his work has focused on improving teaching, how students learn, and how technology allows campus-based students to study on the move.

John’s use of rap in some of his podcasts is legion. Some of his international students began email his podcasts as sound files to their family and friends back home to share the joys of learning John’s course on ‘Optical Fiber Communication Systems’.

His course is unusual in that it is delivered entirely on-line using the University’s Blackboard VLE, with some face-to-face tutorial support. John used podcasts to help his students to develop good online learning and collaborative skills.

It would be an absolute treat to listen to John (on the 14th of July at 14.00hrs UK time) reflecting on his creation and use of podcasts with his students for the last 5 years.

John plans to share his experience of using learning technologies to address the challenges of teaching a subject like Engineering.

He will provide a convincing argument for incorporating low cost, high impact e-learning technologies such as podcasts into teaching and learning process to support student learning.

This is all possible, he will argue, no matter how busy you are as an academic – after all, John was a Pro Vice Chancellor at Leicester when he started to use podcasts!

In the seminar, John will outline the pedagogical model that he developed to design his course to integrate various e-learning approaches including podcasts and e-tivities.

And, no doubt John will share insights about how his students reacted to podcasts, including the ones who emailed John’s podcasts to their family!

For joining instructions, please visit the ELKS Community site (http://elkscommunity.wetpaint.com/). Look forward to meeting you online on 14th July.


Palitha Edirisingha, 15 June 2010

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