Boo to blend

Blended learning. The term became very fashionable in the learning technology community and beyond. The idea is that combining activities, media or face to face and online might be better for learning. There’s even one or two professors of Blended Learning and there are loads of conferences and books about it. Blending learning was thought to be a transition towards something different, exciting and productive. Not sure I’ve really seen it like that though.

I’ve been wondering – are we complicating everything so so much? Suppose we say, we’re going to put EVERYTHING on line – media, communication, learning resources, assessment. We could scaffold, pace and support without worrying about people turning up to class, whether they’ve missed anything, the weather, the carbon footprint. Would it not be better to focus on fantastic online experiences than worry about blending?

Beyond Distance has been experimenting with academic conferences like this. It’s still blended – in a way – well, diverse and mixed anyway. All different kinds of people,  different platforms and approaches, and it’s just not that difficult.  Really.

We’re doing another next year called Follow the Sun

Why blend when you can do simples? Comments on blend please!

Gilly Salmon

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