Developing a relationship with technology

Recently I bought an e-reader, to replace some of my old habits of reading and highlighting (on the printed paper) and throwing those papers away, or after accumulating a pile of them, not knowing what to do in the limited space available.

I feel that I am going through a transitional period of getting used to reading and working with text in a different way from what I am used to.

This process reminds me of how people get used to or develop a new relationship with technology.

Developing a relationship with technology is not a straightforward process. We do not completely and passively react to what is presented to us in a box. As David Bell at Leeds University once wrote, we are active agents in shaping our relationship with technologies.

I think if we are to embrace any new technology, be it hardware like an e-reader or a web 2.0 tool like this blog platform, we need to give ourselves some time and space to reflect on how best to get the technology to do what we wanted to achieve. Who knows, after I get used to my new e-reader, I might save a tree or two, or more….

Palitha Edirisingha, 29 Sept 2010.

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