Updates on TIGER activities

Three animals joined the Media Zoo this year: TIGER, OSTRICH and SPIDER. All three projects are to do with Open Educational Resources (OERs).

In TIGER (Transforming Interprofessional Groups through Educational Resources) three institutions: the University of Northampton, De Montfort University, and the University of Leicester work collaboratively to develop, create and release reusable and customisable OERs for Interprofessional Education (IPE) in Health and Social Care. TIGER will evaluate the impact of OERs on academics and students of three institutions, and IPE practitioners working in hospitals.

I’m about to take my first step into TIGER research. From next week, there is an opportunity for me to observe some face-to-face teaching sessions that introduce students into Interprofessional working at Leicester.  Also next week, there is an opportunity for me to visit a local hospital where medical students join students from nursing, social work, and speech and language therapy from Leicester University to attend a 4-day Interprofessional Education programme. The students will be placed in small groups to learn together in ward for care of the elderly. They will explore the roles and responsibilities of each profession relating to care planning.

These events will help me understand the current teaching practice in IPE. They will also provide opportunities to identify how OERs can be used to influence the current practice and support student practical-based learning in workplace.

Ming Nie              7 November 2010

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