Online Educa Berlin 2010: First day

After a long but relatively smooth journey to Berlin, Sandra, Gilly and I attended the Speakers’ Conference last night.

Waking up to Berlin snow!

It was good to meet up with our fellow panel speakers, and also to say hello to old colleagues.

We woke up to 4-5 inches of snow this morning;  more than enough to bring the UK to a halt.

After the usual fantastic Sylter Hof breakfast (our hotel), Sandra and I trudged over to the main conference area in the Intercontinental, and enjoyed three very engaging keynotes in the Plenary Session.

A full plenary session

My paper on our 2010 conference and that of Gilly’s on Follow the Sun have just finished, and I’m annoyed I didn’t think to bring a DVR (I want produce an Adobe Presenter slide show when I get back) and was too nervous to remember the iPhone/iPad combination thought up last night.

More importantly, the papers went well, along with that of the third presenter, Annette, and the session was well attended with 50 delegates, and 30 minutes of questions afterward. We even had a visual scribe from the United Nations University, who captured all three papers.

Simon's presentation, visually scribed

Simon Kear, Keeper of the Media Zoo

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