Places in Second Life

A difficulty many people face in understanding Second Life is that it’s huge. It’s a virtual world, with thousands of different places. Visiting places randomly can leave new visitors with, well, a random impression. In today’s creative meeting here at BDRA, this was likened to following people on twitter who post “twaddle”, and assuming from that that Twitter is “rubbish”.

I recently discussed Second Life with an academic who was interested in using the virtual world for teaching, and sent him a list of places that I thought would be of interest. The list is just my personal choices, but they are, at least, places that are currently in use and say something interesting about how the virtual world is being used for education.

So I pass on the list, in case it is of interest.

Paul Rudman,
Beyond Distance research Alliance

PS: Places in Second Life often change, so this list may date quickly (it’s now January 2011). Also, neither myself nor BDRA specifically endorse these SL locations (apart from our own!)  – other locations are available…


The second BDRA virtual genetics lab. We are experimenting with the teaching of laboratory skills using virtual worlds. See

St. George’s paramedic training. Also (like SWIFT) uses the open-source PIVOTE system to control the action.

Genetics Island: 3D models and exhibits of genetics-related concepts

Medical – a virtual hospital where you can practice diagnosis skills

Psychology – a simulation of suffering from hallucinations (be careful – they can be more disturbing than you may expect!)

A language school – some lessons are held in other Second Life locations to allow discussion in context (e.g. railway station, cafe, etc.)

Historical – recreation of Berlin in the 1920’s (get appropriate clothes and go to the train station)

Art – an exhibition of paintings by  a contemporary artist

Art – a museum of classical paintings


Christian – services on Sundays at 4:30pm (Second Life time)

Buddhist – meditation classes available

Islam (take your shoes off…)

Memorial (to real people)


A nice example of creating a virtual place for visitors to enjoy just being there

Dance – very popular in Second life; essentially, sets a scene within which the real people can chat

Live music venue (streamed in from the performer)

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  1. This is a great resource. I’ve been to most of these places and can confirm they provide an excellent introduction to Second Life. Importantly, they also model effective use of this environment. Thanks for putting these all in one place!

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