No longer a technology sceptic!

I am a PhD student at BDRA and have been invited to join the regular BDRA blog where this is my first attempt. I chose to come to BDRA to study as I had the opportunity to be involved in the Carpe Diem process initially as part of the ADELIE project and following on from this my employing university became a partner in the ADDER project giving me further opportunity to be involved in Carpe Diem (Armellini and Aiyegbayo 2010).

At my first Carpe Diem it is fair to say I was something of a technology sceptic unconvinced that there was a place for e-learning within Interprofessional Education as I felt it is important for students to meet and interact face to face. I also had failed to recognise how much technology had already crept into me and my family’s life. The Carpe Diem experience really taught me how to develop effective educational resources using an integrated team approach, with skilled facilitators and more surprisingly it helped me learn that technology could be appropriated very effectively not just to deliver learning differently but sometimes more effectively as well.

I am now immersed in the development of educational resources, in helping subject teams develop effective educational resources and in particular Open Educational Resources (OERs) and the impact that these will have on academics, students and communities of health practice. In delivering effective education today it is no longer acceptable to be a technology sceptic and I am excited to be studying in an environment which helps me to understand and add to the knowledge of how technology can be a positive force for future health education.

Ali Ewing

Armellini, A. and Aiyegbayo, O. (2010). Learning design and assessment with e-tivities. British Journal of Education Technology. Vol 41, No 6, p922-935.

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  1. Terese Bird

     /  February 4, 2011

    Welcome to the world of academic blogging, Ali! I also had not blogged until I joined Beyond Distance. Now I see how helpful it is to get my thoughts down in text and put them out there for discussion with others, not to mention having a record of the development of my work, and a link to which I can refer others. I think it’s part of digital scholarship:-)


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