A (very) junior Zookeeper in the making

Conrad at workFor the last two weeks, my 14 year old nephew Conrad has been on work experience in the Zoo. Many people here at the University made this possible, not least of all Jai, for which I and my sister are grateful.

During this time, while we’ve been impressed with his diligence, his ICT skills have been shown to be extraordinarily good. He assures me that his friends have a similar range of skills, picked up not through workshops but simply engaging with technology in everyday life (and on the XBox 360).

I don’t think this is any place to take up the fairly tired digital natives debate (mainly because I think that is a different story), but it is surprising that Conrad and his peers are able to condense into a few years what I think it took me many to learn. I’m very reassured by this fact.

My colleagues and I are certain that this work experience has been beneficial to my nephew, and shown him some of the opportunities that are available to him when he gets older.

And we’ve enjoyed having him here, not least because he was – for much of his time – a fully functioning learning technologist, of which my colleagues made the most.

You can read about Conrad’s time at BDRA on his blog (which I hope he will keep going).


Simon Kear

Keeper of the Media Zoo

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