Confessions of a PhD Student (5): ˝I am a nerd˝

I have always liked to read, to learn and to question. I would rather discuss a crazy theory about the universe than talk about my day.  I can stay home a Friday night just because the book I am reading is too interesting to put down. I love doing small experiments to understand how things work.

During my life, more than once I have been called nerd, geek, bookworm and many others. When I was younger that used to worry me. Those names made me feel there was something wrong with me.

A couple of days ago I was in the living room with my flatmate. We had both our computers on. I was sitting at the table. He was on the couch. Instead of talking, I sent him a message via Facebook… And then it hit me: I am a nerd and a geek and everything else.

I actually reached this conclusion when I was in high school. The day I decided that instead of rejecting my nerdiness I would embrace it, I was happier. Later, in university, I got a group of friends that shared my craving for knowledge and my interest in studying. We called ourselves “the nerds” (“las ñoñas”).

This is a brick my friends and I had engraved and put in one of the paths of my university in Mexico. It reads “Fuimos, somos y seremos ñoñas”, meaning “We were, we are, and we will be nerds”.

Now that I am doing a PhD, I think that I wouldn’t be successful if I weren’t a nerd. The word can have a negative connotation, but if it implies that I like to study and to learn, I don’t care. I love doing my research. I get excited when I discover new frameworks to guide my study. I have read lots of articles about my topic, and the more I read, the more I want to keep on reading.

I am a nerd… and I am proud of it.

– Brenda Padilla

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  1. olimpicgod

     /  June 3, 2011

    You are like me but in a new and refinate form!


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