Carpe Diem: the 7Cs of design and delivery

We are in the process of taking stock of the various interventions in the field of designing for learning in Higher Education. We are fortunate to have secured funding to review the main deliverables and lessons learned from the Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI), Carpe Diem at Leicester and other interventions, such as Moderating Online Groups. As part of that process, Gabi Witthaus, Grainne Conole and I spent some time discussing ideas and concepts, out of which a new, embryonic framework emerged: the 7Cs of design and delivery.

As you would expect, in terms of blogging, Grainne beat me to it. But as you will see below, our ideas continue to evolve. The following diagram shows the current state of the 7Cs framework:

The 7Cs of design and delivery

The 7Cs of design and delivery

Each of the seven Cs has activities and technologies attached to it. For example, Capture has OER repositories as part of the resource audit; Communicate has Adobe Connect or Blackboard Collaborate (synchronous), as well as discussion forums (asynchronous); Consider may make use of blogs, etc. A later post will deal with this. In the meantime, we welcome comments and suggestions.

Dr A. Armellini
Beyond Distance Research Alliance
7 February 2012

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  1. I’m not sure I understand or see the difference between ‘capture’ and ‘create’. Could you elaborate please…especially regarding ‘capture’. Defining this term more deeply, with examples and showing how it leads to ‘create’ would make this more clear.
    Thank you. ^_^

  2. bdra

     /  February 7, 2012

    Sure. Capture refers to the resource audit: what exists? what doesn’t? what can be reused or repurposed (‘captured’) from, for example, OER repositories?

    ‘Create’ is what it says on the tin and differs from ‘capture’: if there are no available resources to capture and reuse, I may need to develop or create them.



  3. A thought provoking cycle!
    All that is “created” should, in order to fulfil potential, be “captured”
    Failure to be “captured” may result the “created” being like the hypothetical falling tree in the rainforest with no one to hear it.
    As I said thought provoking!!

  4. Louise

     /  October 4, 2013

    Is there any facilitator training provided?


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