Edmodo: free mobile-friendly VLE/LMS which schools are warming up to

Yesterday I visited a secondary school to interview teachers regarding their use or non-use of social media as form of continuing professional development. This is a fascinating new project which I’m very excited about — I’m working with Dr Alison Fox of our School of Education — but that’s not what this blog post is about.
This blog post is about Edmodo. I’m still getting my head around what Edmodo really is, but it looks to be a mobile-friendly, free Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) — some use the term Learning Management System (LMS). And schools in particular seem to be warming up to it.
I’m aware that some years ago, UK schools were mandated to have a VLE. I’m also aware that many schools, for a variety of reasons, just never got one. Edmodo looks to be the ready-made, user-friendly, Facebook-like VLE that is filling a need.

Photo courtesy of jrhode on Flickr

Photo courtesy of jrhode on Flickr

Yesterday I saw what one computer science teacher was doing with Edmodo. He assigned students to write bits of code, and to post their code into Edmodo. Students who were shy to speak in class were not shy to type into Edmodo. They posted code in the evening after school, and other students spontaneously discussed and gave tips, and this teacher replied and gave direction. The project looks to be really successful and engaging for the kids.
I just found this article about Edmodo. I’m considering using it for a new charity-based project which I can’t talk about just yet:-)
Do you use Edmodo? What do you think?
Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow

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