New global open educational trends – policy, learning design, and mobile


Beyond Distance PhD students and colleagues from around the world

To celebrate Open Education Week (begins 11 March 2013), Beyond Distance colleagues will be doing an online webinar to which you are cordially invited! We hope to have discussion, debate, and controversy! So please save the date and time —- more information and a link to connect will be blogged closer to the time.

Webinar title: ‘New global open educational trends: policy, learning design, and mobile’

Date and time: 11 March (Monday) at 12:30 -14:00 GMT

Presenters: Professor Grainne Conole, Gabi Withaus, Dr. Ming Nie, Terese Bird, Bernard Nkuyubwatsi

The webinar will be in format of a roundtable discussion. Informed by our work on various open educational projects of international scope (POERUPSPEED, TOUCANS, SPIDER, and iTunesUReach, among others) our team will share their perspectives and invite discussion on intercontinental policies for OER uptake, developments in the use of open resources and open practice in learning design, and issues around open practice in mobile learning, with a special focus on the view from the developing world.

Hope to virtually see you there!

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow

7Cs update – the toolkit takes shape

Last Friday a group of us had a very animated discussion with Grainne Conole, in which we tried to map the 7Cs of learning design to the e-tivities and other tools that we have been developing and collating for most of the last year as a suite of open educational resources for learning designers. (See The 7Cs of Learning Design Toolkit, which is work in progress, mainly arising out of the JISC-funded SPEED project.) The result of our meeting was a very neat framework with four distinct phases – vision, activities, synthesis and implementation, which Grainne has shared on Slideshare.

The representation of the 7Cs has now moved from this:

The 7Cs of design and delivery

The 7Cs of design and delivery

To this:

7 cs update

… which makes it much clearer how the four Cs in the “activities” box relate to the rest of the Cs.


Grainne getting to grips with the 7Cs

I’m looking forward to using this revised version of the 7Cs framework for the structuring of our courses and resources on learning design. Our aim is to make all the resources available from a central point (a website), organised under the headings of the 7Cs.

Carpe Diem: the 7Cs of design and delivery

We are in the process of taking stock of the various interventions in the field of designing for learning in Higher Education. We are fortunate to have secured funding to review the main deliverables and lessons learned from the Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI), Carpe Diem at Leicester and other interventions, such as Moderating Online Groups. As part of that process, Gabi Witthaus, Grainne Conole and I spent some time discussing ideas and concepts, out of which a new, embryonic framework emerged: the 7Cs of design and delivery.

As you would expect, in terms of blogging, Grainne beat me to it. But as you will see below, our ideas continue to evolve. The following diagram shows the current state of the 7Cs framework:

The 7Cs of design and delivery

The 7Cs of design and delivery

Each of the seven Cs has activities and technologies attached to it. For example, Capture has OER repositories as part of the resource audit; Communicate has Adobe Connect or Blackboard Collaborate (synchronous), as well as discussion forums (asynchronous); Consider may make use of blogs, etc. A later post will deal with this. In the meantime, we welcome comments and suggestions.

Dr A. Armellini
Beyond Distance Research Alliance
7 February 2012

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