An OER workshop in Afghanistan

We are very excited that Beyond Distance has been given the opportunity to collaborate with the Geology Department at the University of Leicester, and with Dr Dave Humphreys from the Open University, in running a workshop for academics at the University of Kabul in Afghanistan at the end of February. Dave and I have been working together on the programme  on curriculum design, including a focus on the incorporation of open educational resources (OERs) into the curriculum, which we will facilitate jointly.

The workshop is part of an ongoing series of networking activities between universities in the UK, Afghanistan and Pakistan, as part of a project called DELPHE (Development Partnerships in Higher Education), led by Prof. Mike Petterson from Leicester, and supported by the British Council and DfID. (See Mike’s blog posts on an earlier visit to Kabul here.)

According to the DELPHE project plan:

This project has great potential to focus upon some key British Council and DfiD development goals – especially in education, good governance (at an institutional level) poverty alleviation (through development of highly skilled people, and assistance with economic development, e.g. through increased knowledge in mineral resources).

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute to a very meaningful project, and I’m very much looking forward to finding out from colleagues in Kabul about the usefulness (or otherwise) of OERs in their context.

Watch this space for an update from Kabul in a few weeks’ time…

Gabi Witthaus, 4 Feb 2011

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