Making Web 2.0 Work

A recent article on ‘Six ways to make Web 2.0 work’ (1) highlights some barriers to effective implementation in business and suggests some success factors.

From researching 50 early adopters, the strategy consultants McKinsey & Company highlight dissatisfaction with Web 2.0 technologies as resulting from impediments such as: organisational structure; inability of managers to understand the new levers of change; and a lack of understanding about how Web 2.0 tools create value.

They identify six categories of use and suggest that unless these and their role in the organisation are understood success will be elusive. The factors suggested as determinants of the outcomes of efforts to use Web 2.0 technologies are:

  • The transformation to a bottom-up culture needs help from the top.
  • The best uses come from users – but they require help to scale.
  • What’s in the workflow is what gets used.
  • Appeal to the participants’ egos and needs.
  • The right solution comes from the right participants.
  • Balance the top-down and self-management of risk.

What are the lessons and implications here for us all as facilitators of learning? Discuss!

Roger Dence

(1)  The McKinsey Quarterly, February 2009, 7pp. Available at: accessed 20th February 2009

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