SWIFT moves forward

It’s been a busy time for SWIFT lately. Our student volunteers have been taking part in the second of our experiments for this project, using a virtual genetics laboratory to learn about genetic screening techniques.

Over the summer, we built this laboratory using the Second Life virtual world software, along with a Second Life training area.  Our volunteers had two sessions in the virtual world, the first to become familiar with the software, the second to use the virtual laboratory.

SWIFT in the computer lab

SWIFT in the computer lab

The picture shows the system running in the University’s computer lab. The “head-up display” (the overlaid windows at the top) provided a dynamically changing guide. Our student volunteers followed this guide, making decisions about how the genetic screening should proceed, watching representations of the molecular changes taking place and interpreting results.

We were delighted that the system operated just as we had hoped – a testament to the work and care put in by the team here at the University of Leicester, who designed and built the lab, and our commercial partners Daden Ltd. who incorporated the PIVOTE authoring system for us.

The experiment is still in progress, so we can’t say anything about results just yet, but watch this space, as they say…

Paul Rudman, BDRA

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