Those who have ventured onto the 18th floor of the Attenborough Tower in the last couple of months will have noticed a recent outbreak of iPhone-itous. Like many of its medical cousins iPhone-itous is also a highly infectious and addictive disease which can cost you lots of money in the short-term and most likely your friends in the near future! But who cares when you have the super-hyper-mega-fast-wicked-cool world of the web at your fingertips?!?


After much consideration, which did involve testing other such smartphones, I was infected by the iPhone bug for some of the following reasons:

  • I can use it is a mobile-phone (obvious to some but not to all);
  • I can access my emails & calendar 24/7 without needing to get the laptop out;
  • I can search the Internet (albeit needing to constantly adjust my screen);
  • I can entertain myself and others around me with useful and fun applications;
  • I can spend a copious number of hours sat at a computer updating all my music albums to play through the iPod functionality (not figured out how to update my old skool rave cassettes yet)!

I guess being a learning technologist I wanted to look cool with the latest ‘must-have’ gadget but maybe all it has done is make me look geekier… I used to take the micky out of Apple users for being uber-geeky whilst I retained my mainstream credibility! Don’t laugh! However, when I updated my Facebook status telling the world that “an iPhone was for life not just for Christmas” these poor suffering uber-geek people enacted their revenge – I was hoping they would embrace me as one of their own..!

There has been much debate (and banter) about iPhone-itous in the department; its addictive nature, and the risk of squinting eyes, work-overload and numerous other potentially dangerous symptoms.



Nevertheless, I warn you now, once you have experienced a smart-phone you will instantly see its personal appeal to you. You will purchase one, if not soon then in the future. Oh, and it might reverse the previously feared ‘Gaming Thumb’ syndrome because you will need to have delicate and soft fingers to operate the iPhone successfully!



Matthew Wheeler



Ps. I wrote this from my iPhone whilst watching TV, talking with my family and stroking my dog – multi-tasking is another side-effect!

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