Introducing the Six `Follow the Sun´ Keynote Speakers

Beyond Distance’s sixth annual international conference, the Learning Futures Festival Online 2011, will soon be upon this, entitled and themed “Follow the Sun.” This year, Beyond Distance will be joined as hosts by the Australian Digital Futures Institute of the University of Queensland. Beginning at 9:00 am BST on 13th April 2011, the conference will run continuously until 9:00 am BST on 15th April, 2011, entirely online, in platforms including Adobe Connect Pro 8, Second Life, and Moodle.

We’d like to introduce you to the six keynote speakers:

1. Sugata Mitra Professor of Educational Technology, School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences, Newcastle University, UK One of the world’s most invited keynote speakers on education, Sugata Mitra is best known for his Hole in the Wall experiment, in which a computer was installed in the wall of a public building in Kalkaji, Delhi, and was used by local children to teach themselves a variety of topics and skills to unexpectedly high levels.
2. Charles JenningsFormer Chief Learning Officer for Reuters and Thomas Reuters, currently Managing Director of Duntroon Associates In his role at Reuters, Charles Jennings was responsible for the training and development of over 18,000 employees worldwide, developing managerial effectiveness through innovative online training with measurable benefits to the company’s bottom-line.
3. Terry AndersonProfessor and Canada Research Chair in Distance Education, Athabasca University – “Canada’s Open University” Terry has published widely in the area of distance education and educational technology and is active in provincial, national, and international distance education associations. He is also the director of the Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research, as well as Editor of the International Review of Research on Distance and Open Learning.
4. Gardner Campbell – Director, Academy for Teaching and Learning, and Associate Professor of Literature, Media, and Learning, Honors College, Baylor University, USA As written in the Chronicle of Higher Education ProfHacker blog: “… Baylor’s Gardner Campbell… is so electrically inspiring in conversation that he should be tattooed with a warning label.” With a background in Renaissance literature and film, Gardner Campbell is a leading authority of the use of technology in higher education.
5. Ron Oliver -Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia Ron was an early winner of the Australian Award for University Teaching, and is an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Fellow. His particular interests include authentic learning and task-based learning and the sharing and reuse of technology-facilitated learning activities. Among his research outputs are the National Flexible Toolbox Project and the Technology-Supported Learning Database.
6. Gilly SalmonProfessor of Learning Futures and Executive Director of the Australian Digital Futures Institute at the University of Southern Queensland Until the end of 2010, Gilly was Professor of E-learning and Learning Technologies at the University of Leicester and head of the Beyond Distance Research Alliance and the Media Zoos. Gilly’s research interests span strategies for enhancing learning with and through new technologies, the future for learning in Higher Education and innovation through learning design. She is a Senior Fellow and a National Teaching Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, Trustee of EDEN, and chair of the UK’s Association of Learning Technologies. 

Registration is open – don’t miss ‘Follow the Sun!’

Terese Bird

Learning Technologist and Assistant Keeper of the Media Zoo

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