Technolove, kind of

The Internet has changed the way we study, work, socialize, and, even, love. Today being Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as the Day of Love, I feel compelled to write something romantic, kind of, so beware.

Eleven years ago spamming was not as common as it is nowadays. One would still check emails from unknown senders. At that time, I was 16 and still living in Mexico. I was just starting high school.

I had a friend who went on an exchange program to Canada. On his birthday I sent him a personalized ecard. A couple of days later I received an unexpected reply: Hi. I got your ecard, but I think you mistyped the recipient’s address or something. Maybe you want to check it and send it again to the correct person. – X

Huh? – I thought. But my curiosity was aroused. I asked X where was he from. He said he was Canadian and asked me where was I from. And so we began talking. We shared our ideas and our interests. Every day after school I would get home, read his daily email and reply. I enjoyed our conversations. I felt comfortable trusting this person, whom I’d never seen. We became good friends.

Laptop screen with heart

One day he told me: I’m in love with you. I think that there’s a powerful reason why we met in this random way. I’m going to Mexico to meet you.

Uh-oh. In my mind and in my heart, he was only my friend, nothing else. So this story actually had a sad ending. Soon after I rejected his plan, he stopped emailing me. We shared so much, and yet we never met.

But today, eleven years later, I still remember him… and wish him a happy Valentine’s Day.

– Brenda Padilla

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