Recorded Lectures from the UK’s Top Nephrology Physicians

On 13 and 14 April 2013, Brenda Padilla and I were privileged to join in the SpR Club Spring Meeting 2013, a lively conference in which doctors working in various aspects of nephrology joined together to present their work. Many of these spoke of their work in other countries: Uganda, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Nepal. These talks were quite moving in their discussion of practice eagerly shared across borders and cultural divides. Other talks were of work more local but no less insightful and forward-looking in research and practice. We recorded the talks and present these here, and hope their online availability may open new doors for learning, research, collaboration, and discussion. -Terese Bird, Learning Technologist, Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester

Introduction by Mark Brady

Nephrology around the world – Professor John Feehally

HIV and Nephrology – Dr John Connolly

The Leicester-Abuja Sister Centre Partnership – Professor Nigel Brunskill

Sickle Cell Nephropathy – Dr Claire Sharpe

Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in a tertiary care centre in Sri Lanka – Nadeeka Rathnamalala

Renal transplant in Nepal – Dr Frankie Dowen

Determinants of central arterial stiffness by cardiovascular magnetic resonance in patients new to haemodialysis

Overview of SpR Club – Professor Caroline Savage

The Challenges of Nephrology in Uganda – Professor Peter Mathieson

Blood-borne virus acquisition through haemodialysis: a returning problem? – Dr Graham Warwick

Transplantation and practical global outreach – Dr Paul Harden

Renal Association SpR Club Spring Meeting 2013 – Livestream!

This weekend, the Renal Association SpR Club will be holding its Spring Meeting 2013 in Leicester at the Belmont Hotel. As many proceedings as possible will be livestreamed using webinar technology; all are invited to join in by going to:

Dr Rakesh Patel, Brenda Padilla and I will be facilitating the livestream, discussion, and social network coverage. We are especially hoping to link together colleagues in Nigeria and other remote locations.  It is all somewhat experimental but we think the results will be great for sharing of latest findings and fostering partnership communications generally. The Twitter hashtag will be #rasprc13 — we are looking forward to this weekend!

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist & SCORE Research Fellow


Tweets from the East Midlands Deanery VLE Development Day

On Friday 22nd March 2013, Rakesh Patel and I attended the East Midlands Deanery VLE Development Day, and delivered workshops which were timetabled against each other. Rakesh's workshop was E-Resources for Learning; mine was Using Rich Media in Teaching: Big ideas, simple steps. Ale Armellini started the day with a keynote: Foresight and choices for 21st century learning. The purpose of the day was to help the East Midlands Deanery (the institution in charge of postgraduate medical training) to ease into its new Moodle VLE. My workshop emphasised and began at with learning design, introducing Grainne Conole's 7Cs of Learning Design. Some delegates were not sure why a VLE is needed, and some were not sure what a VLE is, so the day was full of interesting conversations such as whether a VLE's basic purpose is to be a learning materials repository or to be a medium for communication between students, tutors, and all practitioners. Emerging issues included the tension between the need for online security and the wish to see each other's learning environments and courses and share some of these, and the tension between locked-down computer networks and the wish to use bandwidth-hungry multimedia learning materials. The day concluded with a forward-looking keynote on social media in #meded by Anne Marie Cunningham, who confessed that her first-ever tweet referring to 'medical education 3.0' was actually a typo! I also include here some of the storify archive of the tweets of the day, collected on the term #eastmidsvle. (I'm still learning how to use storify...)

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow, University of Leicester

  1. Here are some bits and pieces which I think help show potential of social media in #meded… #ukmeded #eastmidsvle
  2. @amcunningham enjoyed your presentation at #eastmidsvle day today. Lots of food for thought 🙂
  3. Using rich media in teaching: big ideas, simple steps – my workshop presentation for #eastmidsvle… #elearning #meded
  4. this video has won NHS Innovation awards but YouTube still not accessible in the hospital it talks about… #eastmidsvle
  5. this video has won NHS Innovation awards but YouTube still not accessible in the hospital it talks about… #eastmidsvle
  6. #eastmidsvle @amcunningham gives a shout out to John and Ollie from @fgw great service and example of social media!
  7. Being shown Breakfast at Glenfield – The Educational Music Video about ACUTE ASTHMA #eastmidsvle <-made with phone
  8. “@alejandroa: Lurk > Launch > Learn (on social media), suggests @amcunningham [hangout, start out, learn] at #eastmidsvle
  9. Lurk > Launch > Learn (on social media), suggests @amcunningham [hangout, start out, learn] at #eastmidsvle
  10. #EastMidsVLE Fantastic day – Thanks to all of our speakers, poster presenters, delegates and team.
  11. “@alejandroa: Lurk > Launch > Learn (on social media) #eastmidsvle” good advice
  12. Lurk > Launch > Learn (on social media), suggests @amcunningham [hangout, start out, learn] at #eastmidsvle
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