Recorded Lectures from the UK’s Top Nephrology Physicians

On 13 and 14 April 2013, Brenda Padilla and I were privileged to join in the SpR Club Spring Meeting 2013, a lively conference in which doctors working in various aspects of nephrology joined together to present their work. Many of these spoke of their work in other countries: Uganda, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Nepal. These talks were quite moving in their discussion of practice eagerly shared across borders and cultural divides. Other talks were of work more local but no less insightful and forward-looking in research and practice. We recorded the talks and present these here, and hope their online availability may open new doors for learning, research, collaboration, and discussion. -Terese Bird, Learning Technologist, Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester

Introduction by Mark Brady

Nephrology around the world – Professor John Feehally

HIV and Nephrology – Dr John Connolly

The Leicester-Abuja Sister Centre Partnership – Professor Nigel Brunskill

Sickle Cell Nephropathy – Dr Claire Sharpe

Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in a tertiary care centre in Sri Lanka – Nadeeka Rathnamalala

Renal transplant in Nepal – Dr Frankie Dowen

Determinants of central arterial stiffness by cardiovascular magnetic resonance in patients new to haemodialysis

Overview of SpR Club – Professor Caroline Savage

The Challenges of Nephrology in Uganda – Professor Peter Mathieson

Blood-borne virus acquisition through haemodialysis: a returning problem? – Dr Graham Warwick

Transplantation and practical global outreach – Dr Paul Harden


Renal Association SpR Club Meeting: Webinar and social media for medical conferencing

On 13 & 14 April, 2013, the Renal Association SpR Club held their Spring Meeting in Leicester at the Belmont Hotel, which is about a stone’s throw away from my office at the Institute of Learning Technology, University of Leicester. Dr Rakesh Patel asked me and Brenda Padilla to join in and record the sessions, as well as cover them by social media. We even set up the sessions as a webinar. This turned out so well that we were encouraged that we can run future events as hybrids — with face-to-face participants as well as remote participants from anywhere in the world. The theme of this meeting was very international, with many presentations touching on the health situations of such places as Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda, and Afghanistan. Hybrid sessions extending to such areas could really benefit health care workers and patients and hopefully we will see this come to pass in the near future.

Mark Brady welcomes the club to Leicester

Mark Brady welcomes the club to Leicester

We used Adobe Connect over the hotel’s wifi in order to livestream the events. The recordings of the events are below.

Day 1: Welcome by Mark Brady, presentations by John Feehally, John Connolly, and Nigel Brunskill (part 1)

Day 1: Nigel Brunskill (part 2), Claire Sharpe, Nadeeka, Rathnamala, Frankie Dowen, Aghogho Odudu, Caroline Savage

Day 2: Mike Almond, Peter Mathieson, Graham Warwick, Paul Harden

These are being converted in mp4 videos as more polished finished products; I will be posting these up as I complete them.

A separate screen projected the Twitter feed throughout the meeting

A separate screen projected the Twitter feed throughout the meeting

We also set up a separate screen, displaying the Twitter feed (#resprcs13) throughout the meeting. We could see the power of Twitter, when Damian Fogarty tweeted a question for John Feehally; Damian was in Dublin, the question was relayed by Rakesh to John, and the answer was tweeted back to Damian who was very appreciative.

View from the techie table

View from the techie table

I collected all tweets and tweeted photos by means of Storify; we we now have an archive of discussions as well as photos in one convenient location:

May this be just the first of many such well-connected and well-documented medical conferences!

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow, Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester

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