Learning design, e-moderation… and an otter in between

As part of Nottingham Trent University’s staff development week, I was invited to run a two-hour workshop on learning design and e-moderation. I had a mixed audience today, including established e-learning practitioners and several academics who are considering dipping a toe in the e-learning waters.

I took participants on a brief journey of challenges, research projects and findings, pedagogical innovation and change. We discussed course design, e-tivities and assessment, before moving to the art of e-moderation.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) in learning design was part of my message. It turned out to be a very interesting part for my audience. During the break, I was approached by a number of participants who expressed an interest in OERs and their likely application in their disciplines. I decided to revisit OERs after the break and showed some more examples, which participants appreciated.

On an afternoon of design and delivery, an otter turned up to sow a seed. Watch this space, as the OER seed may grow at NTU, as it has done at Leicester and elsewhere.

Alejandro Armellini
29 September 2009

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