New global open education trends: policy, learning design, mobile

Snapshot of New global open education trends webinar

Snapshot of New global open education trends webinar

Happy Open Education Week 2013!

At the Institute of Learning Innovation, we celebrated Open Education Week with a webinar. Four speakers shared their recent work on open education topics including several projects we have been part of.

Professor Grainne Conole started us off with ‘Open practices and the implications for education’ – beginning with open education’s place on the timeline of E-learning, continuing with her work on OPAL and POERUP, and rounding off with openness in learning design as examined in the SPEED and METIS projects.

Dr Ming Nie then took us on a whirlwind tour of open practice, looking at OER policy as practiced around the world. OER: The Policy Context was based on the POERUP project.

Next Terese Bird presented Mobile devices and open education: match made in heaven or shotgun wedding? The idea here is that open education, like education in general, is moving toward mobile devices. But corporate interests exert ever-heavier influence and may lead to more expensive and less open solutions.

Finally, Bernard Nkuyubwatsi presented A View from a Developing Country, describing how he learnt English by radio programmes created by the BBC. These lessons taught English with the help of Elvis Presley songs. The power of radio in education should not be underestimated especially in the developing world.

Gabi Witthaus expertly guided the discussion and chaired the webinar, and we were joined by participants from all over the world. And as usual, it was a lot of fun! If you missed the webinar or would like to review it, you can access the recording here.

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow, Institute of Learning Innovation University of Leicester

New global open educational trends – policy, learning design, and mobile


Beyond Distance PhD students and colleagues from around the world

To celebrate Open Education Week (begins 11 March 2013), Beyond Distance colleagues will be doing an online webinar to which you are cordially invited! We hope to have discussion, debate, and controversy! So please save the date and time —- more information and a link to connect will be blogged closer to the time.

Webinar title: ‘New global open educational trends: policy, learning design, and mobile’

Date and time: 11 March (Monday) at 12:30 -14:00 GMT

Presenters: Professor Grainne Conole, Gabi Withaus, Dr. Ming Nie, Terese Bird, Bernard Nkuyubwatsi

The webinar will be in format of a roundtable discussion. Informed by our work on various open educational projects of international scope (POERUPSPEED, TOUCANS, SPIDER, and iTunesUReach, among others) our team will share their perspectives and invite discussion on intercontinental policies for OER uptake, developments in the use of open resources and open practice in learning design, and issues around open practice in mobile learning, with a special focus on the view from the developing world.

Hope to virtually see you there!

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow

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