Like-minded UoL colleagues??

I used the new UoL research expertise search facility to find out who had listed e-learning as a research interest. Only four names came up (nobody in BDRA!). Only one specified e-learning. Disappointing, especially when you read the entries, but perhaps they’re somewhat misleading.

Prof Christine Jarvis (Education)
1) Children’s and adults’ attitudes, cognition and perceptions of science and technology; factors influencing effective learning and dissemination in primary science and technology INSET; questioning, mentoring and informal learning in primary science.

Dr Christopher Comber (Education)
1) The impact of ICT on teaching and learning; elearning; gender and education (with a particular focus on the underachievement of boys); cross-phase transfer.

Prof Eilean Hooper-Greenhill (Museum Studies)
1) Museum audiences and their experiences, learning and communication in museums and art galleries.

Dr John Goodwin (Cntr Labour Market Studies)
1) Young workers and the transition from education to work in the UK and Asia; the sociology of work and learning; the secondary analysis of work related qualitative data; life histories ad work narratives; Irish labour markets; the sociology of men; figurational sociology and the life and work of Norbert Elias

2) The transition from school to work; employment issues in Ireland/Northern Ireland; men’s employment and work histories.

3) Young workers and the transition from education to work; young worker restudies and the secondary analysis of qualitative data; life histories and work narratives; Irish labour markets; men and work; figurational sociology and the works of Norbert Elias. He is currently working on articles exploring issues such as youth transitions as ‘shock experiences’, learning at work during the last 50 years and ‘fantasy and reality’ in the transition to retirement. He is co-authoring a book entitled 50 Key Concepts in HRM (Sage 2007) with Dr. Jason Hughes (Brunel University) and he is also writing and article exploring the correspondence between Ilya Neustadt and Norbert Elias (1962-1964).

I did a second search, on distance learning, and got these results:

Dr Katherine Venter (Cntr Labour Markt Studies)
1) Culture and learning (in the workplace and through distance learning). The impact of culture on women’s working lives and careers.

2) The impact of children’s disability and chronic illness on parent’s experience of work and career; women in management; business systems and Chinese culture; the impact of culture on learning, training and development

Dr Arwen Raddon (Cntr Labour Markt Studies)
1) Gender, work and learning

2) Gender, work and learning in Higher Education; time, space and distance learning; feminist and poststructuralist perspectives; qualitative research; skills policy and practice

Dr Hilary Jones (Criminology)
Pedagogic research into distance learning and teaching, criminal law and justice, mentally disordered offenders.

Question: Is BDRA working with any of the above? Should we be?


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