Rupert gets rattled

Backstage at the World’s Got Talent show, the tension was palpable. Rupert’s parents were anxiously whispering to one another in Japanese, in between making encouraging comments to Rupert in an effort to bolster his confidence, and showing a brave face to the camera. Their main concern was the little upstart competitor, Ivy. Even younger than Rupert, she was already set to be an international celebrity. She came from a family of stars in the American tradition, and neither she nor her parents seemed to feel the slightest hint of self-doubt about her ability to win over the audience. Rupert’s mother noted that there was something almost obscene about her: so small and innocent and yet somehow sleek and seductive. And multi-talented – she could perform almost every trick in the book. Rupert, on the other hand, being an avid reader and having absorbed an encyclopaedic range of knowledge at his tender age, seemed rather intellectual and nerdy in comparison. Perhaps he would appeal to the older, more sensible members of the audience?

But the real wild card was Ivy’s younger brother, Ivan, who had, only weeks before, emerged into the public eye. His developmental years had been shrouded in secrecy, and this was to be his first public appearance. Leaked reports from journalists and bloggers in-the-know indicated that Ivan was a rather simple fellow, and was never likely to be able to perform a great range of tricks, or even to do more than one thing at a time. But his stunning good looks and irresistible charm were said to have swept even the most sensible and mature observers off their feet.

[to be continued]


15 May 2010


Rupert had felt neglected ever since he was born. Even if he was widely regarded as faster, lighter and cheaper than his predecessors, Rupert knew he’d never be a high flyer. He was aware that chances were that before he reached maturity (or even puberty), others might snatch the floor and he would have no further meaningful role to play. Rupert was born in a fast-moving world, which was both a blessing and a tragedy for him.

The mere thought of being left out and forgotten devastated Rupert. He really thought he had a lot to offer, that he could change people’s lives for the long term. He really believed there was a future for him, and others like him, during the difficult times ahead. He struggled to make the most of now -when he was in the spotlight- while debating with himself what to do. His survival was at stake.

[to be continued]

14 May 2010

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