What are you doing about TWITTER and learning?

Twitter enables social networking, live searching and link-sharing that appeals to many young people and those at work because it has a ‘right now’ feel to it. In 12 months (between April 2008-09) user numbers increased by 1,298% and now stands at 17.1 million users.

Twitter is a free, readily accessible, very easy to use, web 2.0 platform that limits each message to brief posts (‘tweets’), i.e. maximum 140 characters long. They can be received and sent by computer or mobile.

These tweets are received only by those who have chosen to receive them (called ‘followers’) or by those in a Twitter ‘group’. They are used for reporting on activity, exchanging ideas by people who are not together but also to provide a ‘back channel’ during more formal proceedings such as a conference.

Now where is the use for learning. Isn’t tweeting knowledge sharing???

This week’s issue of TIME magazine addressed the Twitter issue – demonstrating embryonic uses in wide scale news sharing, the growing value of searching, and advertising.

At Leicester, we’re planning to have a go and test out tweeting as a pedagogical process.

What are you doing about it right now?

Gilly Salmon

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