Showing the oil rig to the JISC 2010 delegates

JISC delegates receive their briefing

Johnson Zuta, my avatar, has just finished showing some of the delegates of the JISC 2010 conference, Innovating e-Learning, around the oil rig located in the lagoon of the Media Zoo Island in Second Life. The rig was used as part of the very successful JISC-funded DUCKLING project.

After receiving a briefing on the  helipad of the rig, delegates spent 15 minutes or so familiarising themselves with the structure. Johnson had also given them a specific task to do.

Unfortunately, the alarms sounded and everyone was forced to evacuate the rig by boat, re-assembling back at the jetty. Luckily, there were no casualties.

Don't panic!

Following the oil rig scenario, there was still a little bit of time to show the delegates SWIFT‘s new self-directed learning area on the island. This area – in the form of a maze – allows newcomers to Second Life to practise movement, camera control, and other vital in-world skills.

SWIFT's new self-directed learning area

Part of a publicly funded project, Dr Paul Rudman – the maze’s designer and builder – is keen to see it utilised by other institutions and individuals.

Equally, anyone interested in utilising in their teaching the oil rig and its associated artefacts should contact me at

Simon Kear

Keeper of the Media Zoo

Find the Media Zoo Island at

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