I thought it would be nice to reflect on a project that is a little further from home but which still has some tenuous links to Beyond Distance (thanks to our adopted researcher Ricardo Torres Kompen).

Seniorlab, a collaboration between Citilab, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat de la Gent Gran and the i2Cat Foundation in Spain, is a project to promote the use of ICTs among senior citizens in order to explore their capacity for innovation towards the design and development of the digital society.

The objective of Seniorlab has been to put senior citizens at the centre of the knowledge society, with the belief that senior citizens should not have to adapt to new technologies, but rather these technologies should be adaptable to senior citizens’ needs, and it should also be taken into account what they can provide to society. The projects have shown that a user-driven community focus has improved in the senior citizens’ quality of life through these open innovations.

This got me thinking about lifelong learning and personalised learning environments and how some of the latest Web 2.0 tools can be easily adapted to our needs and requirements – but do these technologies actually learn our preferences or do we have to continually inform them?

Matthew Wheeler

Keeper of the Media Zoo

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