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Trusted readers of my contributions to the Beyond Distance Blog may have noticed that until now my blog posts have not mentioned my work in the Media Zoo. Well I thought it was time to include a piece…

Those of you who are familiar with the Media Zoo and the approach taken will know that it has proven to be an important mechanism for disseminating the cutting edge research undertaken by the department to both internal and external markets. So we were pleased to welcome Martin Williams and John McLaughlin from the Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills (DIUS) to the Media Zoo for a discussion on how to successfully integrate learning technologies into teaching practices and how these may impact upon the student experience in the immediate to long-term future – which coincides nicely with our newer research projects – CALF (Creating Academic Learning Futures).

Following an interesting discussion with some student representatives that highlighted some positive and negative aspects of the institution (which may be reflected upon in later posts), the focus of the discussion changed to technologies, our other research projects, but maybe more importantly, our strategies for institutional change.

External visitors are important if we are to continue to raise the profile of the Media Zoo nationally; the visit from DIUS follows on the back of other important visits from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), the Royal Air Force (RAF) and recently a visit from the Joint Information Systems Council (JISC).

So what is next for the Media Zoo? You’ll have to wait until I write again on Sunday 5th April!

Keeper of the Media Zoo

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